MOVU offers new moving packs on its online store

Each customer has specific needs. MOVU aims to expand its product range while meeting everyone’s expectations. Three new moving packs are now available on the online store

Moving set for wine lovers 

Our moving set, specially designed for wine enthusiasts, provides everything you need to protect your items during transport, especially your wine bottles. This kit allows you to pack and protect all your belongings, including your 30 most precious bottles.

This was a recurring request on our online moving platform. Customers with valuable wine cellars were asking for boxes specially designed to protect their wine bottles. Most of the time, moving companies can pack bottles with specific boxes, but some customers prefer to pack them themselves. MOVU is delighted to meet this demand.

Discover the moving set for wine lovers

Moving set for book lovers

Our moving set, specially designed for book lovers, offers, like our other kits, twenty moving cartons as well as packing materials. This special kit allows you to pack and protect all your personal belongings, including your office and/or library.

Our boxes for books and folders can be filled only with books without risk of tearing. They can also hold many folders, which fit perfectly when placed upright in these specially designed boxes.

Discover the moving set for book lovers

Moving set for shopping lovers

Our moving set, specially designed for shopping enthusiasts, has made our MOVU customers happy. In addition to the basic kit, this special pack contains three wardrobe boxes with an integrated rail.

Thus, clothes on hangers can be hung directly in the wardrobe box, preventing them from being wrinkled during transport. This is particularly practical for dresses, jackets, and shirts.

Discover the moving set for shopping lovers

The Advantages of Our Topkartons Moving Packs 

Just like our Topkartons products, our moving packs are delivered free of charge to your home within two working days throughout Switzerland. Additionally, our moving packs are economical: you save an average of CHF 20 by purchasing a moving kit compared to ordering products separately.

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