Why buy the MOVU moving boxes? 
The MOVU moving boxes are made of double corrugated cardboard and are therefore extremely stable and tear-resistant. Thus the contents are perfectly protected during the move. The boxes are also equipped with stable carrying handles for easy transport.

How much does the shipping cost?
The delivery is free of charge.

How long does the delivery take?
The delivery takes at most two working days.

Do you deliver internationally? 
We provide our moving products throughout Switzerland but not internationally.

Can I return the product?
Unfortunately, we cannot offer you a return option for these products.

What means of payment are accepted?
We accept payments through credit cards, TWINT, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

How secure is the payment on the website of MOVU?
We are aware that the security of your personal payment information is of utmost importance. For this reason, we cooperate only with established payment service providers, who guarantee very high-security standards.

Who should I contact for any other questions? 
For any other questions, you can find all our contact information here.

Do you offer eco-friendly or reusable moving boxes?        
Our moving boxes are designed for reuse, offering a second or third life due to their durability and high quality. Additionally, we offer ecological products such as our eco-friendly wrapping paper.

Do the boxes have handles? 
Yes, our MOVU moving boxes and boxes for books and folders have two handles. Our wardrobe boxes have four handles making them easy to transport.

Are the boxes foldable and is the tape necessary?
Yes, the boxes are foldable and the tape is recommended.

How many clothes can be filled in a wardrobe box? 
A wardrobe box has room for 10 jackets or up to 20 shirts

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