Transport your clothes with the MOVU wardrobe boxes

Our customers eagerly awaited the MOVU wardrobe boxes, and we understand why. Indeed, they represent the ideal solution for transporting your jackets, shirts, suits, and dresses without the risk of wrinkling. Discover the benefits of our boxes for shopping enthusiasts.

Why choose MOVU wardrobe boxes?

Our wardrobe boxes allow you to hang your clothes directly on hangers, thus offering a considerable saving of time and energy, and avoiding the hassle of ironing in your new home.

After the move, the wardrobe boxes can be reused for storing seasonal clothing, thereby optimizing space in your new home.

What are the characteristics of the wardrobe boxes?

The wardrobe boxes measure over 60 centimeters in height and are made of double corrugated cardboard. They are sold in sets of 3, 5, 10, or 20, depending on your wardrobe needs.

How many clothes can be stored in the wardrobe boxes?

We have tested the wardrobe boxes for you and were easily able to fit more than a dozen jackets and coats inside. The wardrobe box is spacious enough so that the coats do not touch the bottom of the box.

How to transport the wardrobe boxes?

With four handles for convenient transportation according to your needs, our wardrobe boxes are equipped with handles at mid-height on two opposite sides, allowing easy transport of the boxes individually. Additionally, they feature two more handles at the top on one side, facilitating box storage.

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